Hope House

Hope House opened in 2008 with the help of Waveney District council and generous friends, to provide a safe environment for men who were previously homeless. We provide 15 bedrooms, two sitting rooms, two dining rooms, two kitchens,  4 bath/shower rooms and 6 toilets.  There is also a smoking shelter and a garden which is maintained by residents.

Life can be hard and homelessness can happen to anyone from any walk of life; addiction, financial difficulties or because of a relationship breakdown. All Trustees, staff, and volunteers are Christian (from different denominations) and through our Christian love and service we aim to show them that there is a hope to life and that God has a plan for each and every person. Residents have discovered talents of gardening, painting and decorating, bricklaying and cooking, whilst living with us. Most of our residents stay on average for about six months but some have been resident for over a year. We do not limit their stay as they leave when they feel ready for independent living, and during the last eight years nearly 300 men have found short term accommodation with us.
Our premises are drug and alcohol free but for those that need it we work closely with dual diagnosis team and organisations such as Turning Point.

We have a manager who lives on the premises and who can give a listening ear and to act as advocate where necessary with Court or DSS matters. We also have a project manager to motivate the men to try different skills such as gardening at a local allotment, pyrography and other work with wood, and clock making. We have a housekeeper who, in addition to keeping our home spotless is available to listen to the men. There is a volunteer office manager who runs our administrative tasks.
We seldom have a room available for more than a week as the need is great and will continue to be so.

If you are interested in helping in any way, please contact on 01502 560956 or 07407277192.