About Us

Support offered by Adam Outreach Project

  • Support to talk through problems to clarify any issues that require outside facilities or internal keyworker sessions.
  • Advice on joining the local housing register and assistance with completion of the form for eventual move on to independent living
  • Help with bills and budgeting, establishing and living within a budget, assistance with outstanding creditors, help to set up a bank account or obtain suitable ID documentation.
  • Assistance to monitor progress and appreciate achievement by means of the Outcome Star. Help to adhere to licence conditions
  • Assistance to register with GP and dentist, and optician, and encouragement to register with drug and alcohol services and attend probation as appropriate.
  • Guidance towards outside facilities to improve mental or physical health
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle such as signposting residents to Smoking Cessation Clinic, activities such as cycling, walking or visiting the Gym, information about healthy eating habits
  • Verbal monitoring of medication compliance and encouragement to take interest in the medication that is prescribed to ensure best treatment.
  • Accompanying residents to appointments and advocacy where required.
  • Help with development of life skills by encouragement to take part in Project work and tasks within Adam Outreach Project. Providing advice training and guidance in the use of domestic equipment and appliances
  • Emotional support and listening
  • Support with building good relationships with other residents. Help to prevent build-up of tension and mental health issues, to prevent isolation and encourage social skills.
  • Encouraging the resident to consider his future plans and ambitions, to consider interests and future work skills if unemployed.
  • Encouragement to sustain a regular life pattern to enable employability where appropriate.
  • Assisting with Health and Safety compliance, also ensure knowledge of basic cleanliness
  • Encouragement to make or renew contact with family and provision of emotional support throughout
  • Assistance in signposting the resident towards suitable training facilities for improvement in employability prospects

ADAM OUTREACH PROJECT is a registered charity number 1117871.